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“Safari Ltd® is an American owned company dedicated to bringing fun to learning, and bringing educational value to play time. Our mission is to teach children the importance of nature and conservation through the joy of imaginative play. Our museum quality figurines are scientifically accurate and hand-painted, providing high quality detail that still stands up to rigorous play.

Our collections include figures of wildlife from around the world, dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts, dragons and other amazing mythical creatures, and much more. We seek to inspire a spark of imagination with our figures, while also providing educational resources to further knowledge of the natural world.

Since 1982 we’ve been focused on speaking to that innate curiosity in all of us. For three decades we’ve been encouraging children across the globe to discover the frontiers of their imagination through play. We also provide additional informational resources on our website to further encourage the learning process, and translate our passion for conservation by promoting education and awareness as well as donating to environmental efforts worldwide.”


-from Alexandre & Christina Pariente, Safari Ltd
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