San Francisco Bay Area Moms Groups

San Francisco


Black Moms of San Francisco

This group provides a fun and relaxed space for black mothers of infants and toddlers to get to know each other. Working or stay at home moms and expecting moms welcome. Get-togethers include picnics in the park, brunch at kid friendly restaurants, playdates, mommy and me yoga, baby music class, and more.

Bump Club and Beyond

Bump Club and Beyond connects moms and moms-to-be with the best information, experts, products and most important—with each other—at premier events in the SF Bay Area every month. From girls’ night out, lunch & dinner seminars, shopping events, fitness classes and more.

Fillmore Kids

This is a group for moms & babies to get together around Fillmore. Outings include going to the park, picnic, for lunch or a coffee, stroller walks and more. All moms and babies are welcome even if you’re not a Fillmore resident but just want to explore the neighborhood.

Golden Gate Mothers Group

The Golden Gate Mothers Group is a San Francisco-based
 mothers group that focuses on moms and all things motherhood.

Mommies of the Richmond

This group is for any new, expecting or seasoned moms in the Richmond District who are home during the day. The group goes walking, explores GG Park, enjoys the many small playgrounds, or just gets together for tea and coffee. Activities are baby and kid friendly, except for the occasional moms’ night out.

San Francisco (Nob Hill Area) Baby and Toddler Playgroup

This is a group for moms (or dads!) of babies who live in or around the Nob Hill neighborhood and want to get together during the week to hang out, go walking, or explore a playground.

San Francisco Parents of Multiples

The San Francisco Parents of Multiples Club (formerly San Francisco Mothers of Twins Club ) is a non-profit organization formed to offer support to parents and expectant parents of multiples.

The San Francisco New and Expecting Mothers Group

The San Francisco New and Expecting Mothers Group is hosted by Carmel Blue in San Francisco’s North Beach Neighborhood. It’s a social group that focuses on education and fun for new and expecting mamas.

SF Weekly Playdates

Join SF Weekday Playdates for a variety of get-togethers focused on connecting caretakers and kids who want to hangout in San Francisco during the week. Check out the calendar for recurring events as well as one-off adventures.

SoMamas & Mamas2Be

This is a network of ladies to share in the experience of mamahood in a nurturing, judgement-free, unbiased and welcoming environment.

Marin County/North Bay

Corte Madera Larkspur Mothers Club

The CMLMC aims to build a supportive community of mothers with young children in Corte Madera, Larkspur and surrounding areas by fostering friendships, encouraging learning, and offering community events, mom-only events, and special interest groups.

Fairfax Moms

Fairfax Moms is a grassroots group for parents of young children. They offer a streamlined way for new parents to connect with the established community of parents in Fairfax, West Marin, San Anselmo and beyond.

Marin Alternative Mothers Group

MAMG provides a warm community for those mothers and mindful caregivers that “support non-mainstream views about birthing and parenting.” There are also branches of Alternative Mothers Group in Napa, SF, and Santa Rosa.

Marin Dads

Marin Dads has an online forum and monthly events including Monthly Dinner (no kids) and Monthly Weekend Playgroup. It’s a great way to get advice, meet other dads, and be an active participant in your child’s life.

Marin Parents of Multiples

MPOMC is part of a national organization offering guidance to parents of multiples. Its mission is to provide educational, social, and emotional support to parents before their children are born, as well as during the critical months and years that follow.

M.O.M – Moms of Marin

A group for Marin moms looking for playdates, friends to meet for outdoor activities, rainy day creative activities, mom’s night out, shared support and information.

Novato Mothers Club

The Novato Mother’s Club provides mothers with a supportive, nurturing environment, friendship, and activities. Enjoy an online forum, playgroups, children’s outings, family events, mom’s night outs, a monthly newsletter and activities geared toward families of children from pregnancy to age 5 (but not limited to age 5).

The Petaluma Mothers’ Club

The Petaluma Mothers’ Club is made up of caregivers with children through age five. They offer playgroups, monthly meetings, and special family events for support, education and socializing.

Ross Valley Mothers Club

The Ross Valley Mothers Club provides educational programs, social events, and playgroups where mothers can seek support, information, and friendship while raising young children.

San Rafael Mother’s Club

The mission of San Rafael Mother’s Club is to create a community that provides knowledge and support, fosters friendships, and enriches the larger community. You’ll find playgroups, bi-annual safety workshops, sub-groups, and more.

Santa Rosa Mothers’ Club

The mission of the Santa Rosa Mothers’ Club (SRMC) is to provide an environment where mothers and young children can develop friendships and community, exchange information, and have valued opportunities for social interaction with other mothers, children, and families.

Sonoma County Mothers of Multiples

The Sonoma County Mothers of Multiples Club is a group of parents of twins and triplets who have come together for support, education, ideas-and, yes-fun! You may also join the group while pregnant and begin to receive the many benefits of membership before you deliver.

Southern Marin Mothers’ Club

The Southern Marin Mothers Club strives to provide a supportive,
 nurturing community for families to share meaningful experiences,
 fun, and fellowship that strengthen family bonds.

East Bay

Berkeley Babies

This is a group for moms/caregivers and their young ones that live in the Berkeley/Oakland area. Get together for playdates, storytime, park dates, hikes, and to meet new people and friends.

Castro Valley Mothers Club

The Castro Valley Mothers Club (CVMC) provides a supportive community to mothers with children of all ages, as well as expectant mothers. The Club offers playgroups, family activities, as well as monthly meetings and a newsletter.

East Bay Dad’s Group

East Bay Dad’s Group is a group of working and nonworking dads who are interested in meeting other dads who are happily married and trying to tackle the challenge of raising a child or children and continue to be happily married.

East Bay Moms

East Bay Moms’ mission is to provide support, companionship, and networking for parents of infants and toddlers. The club provides an avenue for parents to meet, exercise and enjoy the outdoors.

East Bay Moms Playgroup

East Bay Moms Playgroup is a group of mamas with kids born between 2006-2012, but if your kids are older or if you’re expecting, you are also welcome to join this Meetup group. This group likes exploring and finding fun and free places to hang out with our toddlers and infants in Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland, and San Leandro.

First Time Moms – East Bay

A group for meeting other first time moms. The group meets 2 to 3 times a week to chat, swap stories, get tips, and get out of the house. Activities include walks, park play-dates, lunches, happy hours, coffee, fitness for mommy and baby, as well as beauty and spa appointments.

F.U.N. Mothers Club

The FUN Mothers Club is a volunteer run non- profit open to parents and kids (between the ages of 0-5 years) in Fremont, Union City & Newark. The club provides the opportunity to gain support, share knowledge, experience friendships and promote a sense of community for the members and their families.

Iron Horse Mothers Club

The Iron Horse Mothers Club (IHMC) was formed to serve as a resource to mothers with young children in the San Ramon, Danville, Dublin and Alamo communities. The IHMC is a support network for its members with playgroups and great activities throughout the year for kids, moms and the whole family.

Mount Diablo Mother’s Club

The Mt. Diablo Mothers Club club is based out of Walnut Creek and serves Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Martinez, Clayton and Concord. It is a social and support group for mothers and expectant mothers that seeks to form and strengthen friendships for you and your family.

Lamorinda Moms

Lamorinda Moms serves as a source of support to Moms and parents of children age five and younger in Orinda, Lafayette and Moraga, California. Group events include a Monthly Meeting, active online BigTent community, respective Play Groups, the Annual Seasonal Events, Sub-clubs like Mom’s Night Out, and more.

Livermore Moms

Livermore Moms is a social, educational, and recreational resource in the Livermore community and surrounding areas. The Livermore Moms offers its members a variety of activities including playgroups, adult socials, and family events.

Mocha Moms of West Contra Costa Chapter

Mocha Moms, Inc. is a support group for mothers of color who have chosen not to work full-time outside of the home in order to devote more time to their families and communities. Mocha Moms serves as an advocate for those mothers and encourages the spirit of community activism within its membership.

New Moms for Early Education

New Moms for Early Education is a group of Oakland-area moms who want to jump start their infants’ mental and social development through group activities. The group pools its resources to get educators to come to them (e.g. Sign language specialists, foreign language tutors, etc) and for fun learning play dates and excursions.

Pleasant Hill/Walnut Creek Mothers Club

The Pleasant Hill/Walnut Creek Mothers’ Club is a network of parents and parents-to-be, encompassing all areas of the East Bay. Monthly, the Club offers meetings for parents, moms or couples night out, kids monthly outings. There are also subclubs like a wine group, club camping, scrapbooking, games night, book clubs, club dads, frugal living and more.

Pleasanton Mother’s Club

The Pleasanton Mothers Club offers regular social, recreational, and educational events for members. They organize playgroups, offer services such as babysitting co-ops, and have a number of subgroups of unique interests. They also keep members up-to-date with a monthly newsletter full of articles, recipes, activities for moms and kids, and a complete calendar of events.

Parents, Resources, and More (PRAM)

PRAM offers many playgroups, classes, activities, outings and opportunities for Richmond-area parents to connect to each other and create valuable social and support networks.

Sol Mamas

Sol Mamas are women from all backgrounds, of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels who share a love for travel, nature, sustainable living, community, natural health/wellness, and life. This group hosts Mom and Baby activities, travel excursions and retreats for women and events for friends and family.

Tri-City Mothers of Multiples

Established in 1979, the Tri-City Mothers of Multiples is a group for women who have, or are expecting, twins, triplets or higher order multiples. The club offers emotional, educational, and social support to women in the Fremont, Newark, and Union City area, and beyond. Includes playgroups, a “Big Sister” program, lending library, and more.

Peninsula/South Bay

Burlingame Mothers’ Group

The Burlingame Mothers’ Club (BMC) provides mothers of children from birth through age five with support, information, friendship, and community.

Coastside Mothers’ Group

The Coastside Mothers’ Club (CMC) provides support to and a social network for families along the San Mateo Coast (from Montara to Pescadero). Members are both working and non-working moms, but fathers and all caregivers are also encouraged to participate in events and outings.

Foster City Mothers’ Club

The mission of the Foster City Mothers’ Club is to enhance the lives of families in the area, while supporting the Foster City community. Mothers can develop close friendships, support fellow families, participate in fun social events, exchange information about parenting, and more. Families typically have children between the ages of birth to roughly first grade. 

Gemini Crickets Families of Multiples Club

GCMC supports Silicon Valley families with multiples through a vibrant online community, playgroups, club meetings, newsletters, and social events. They invite experts to speak on multiples-specific issues such as potty training, sibling rivalry and more.

The Mid-Peninsula Parents of Multiples Club (MPPOM)

The Mid-Peninsula Parents of Multiples Club (MPPOM) provides community, education, and peer support to parents on the Bay Area Peninsula (Millbrae to Silicon Valley) sharing the joys and challenges of raising multiples.

The MOMS Club® of Campbell

The MOMS Club® of Campbell is a non-profit, support group for the at-home mother of today! The MOMS Club® is about you and your children making friends and creating memories.

The Pacifica Mothers Club

The Pacifica Mothers Club provides friendship and support for mothers and primary caregivers of children from pre- birth through age 5. Offerings include playgroups, Moms Night Out events, book clubs, home-cooked meals after a baby’s birth, and more.

Parents’ Club of Palo Alto and Menlo Park

PAMP is the largest parent organization on the Peninsula offers member parents an on-line web-site for networking and sharing information, monthly newsletters, speaker events, playgroups; preschool fairs, and kids and adult activities.

The San Bruno Mothers Club

The San Carlos/Belmont Mothers’ Club (SCBMC) offers a monthly newsletter, playgroups, a babysitting co-op, sharing library, in-a-pinch meal service, community relations programs and volunteer opportunities.

The San Carlos Belmont Parents Club

The San Carlos Belmont Parents Club mission is “Parents Helping Parents”. The SCBPC offers age-based Playgroups, Speakers Series, Mom & Dads Nights Out, Family Events (like Picnics and Museum days), Children’s Outings, a Babysitting co-op, In-a-Pinch program when you need help most, and so much more!

San Mateo Mothers Club

The San Mateo Mothers Club is a community of moms with kids from birth through kindergarten age (or currently expecting) in the San Mateo area. They offer activities such as Children’s Outings, Adult Socials, General Meetings, In-a-Pinch services, Playgroups, and a lot more.

South Bay Playgroup

The South Bay Playgroup aims to foster friendships for toddler and preschool aged children (though all are welcome) and caregivers alike. Activities include park play dates, museum visits, in-home or backyard play time, exploring the zoo, craft parties, Mom’s Night Out, and more.

South San Francisco Mothers Club

South San Francisco Mother’s Club is a friendly, peninsula-based community group. They offer many programs, including various aged playgroups, mom-only events, family parties and participation in community outreach projects and other events.

Stroller Divas: Sassy San Francisco Moms

This is a group of moms who want to expose their children to all that San Franciso has to offer. Get-togethers include museums, parks, zoos, kid-friendly eateries and play dates.


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