With this generation of little shooting stars, space is hardly the final frontier for your curious kiddos—if anything, it’s just the beginning.

Let your kids explore the world above as they’ve never seen it before at the Bay Area Discovery Museum’s exhibit, designed in collaboration with NASA, My Sky. Simply “look up” and your little explorers and stargazers will be treated to a whole new view of the sun, moon and stars around them in three unique exhibit spaces: a Skate Park, a Child’s Bedroom and Backyard. Here’s how My Sky at the Bay Area Discovery Museum will let your kids’ imagination soar to new heights:

  • You and your mini Galileo can create and name constellations of your very own as the My Sky exhibit takes your family into a Child’s Bedroom to explore the awesomeness of the night sky, where you can claim every star as your own.
  • Look at Mr. Golden Sun in a whole new light as your family dashes through the Skate Park to learn about our solar system’s brightest celestial body—and make some sweet poses as your kid becomes their own living sundial.
  • Take a stroll through Backyard, where you can put your feet up at this interactive campfire scene while the kids can take one small step—or one giant leap—as they explore My Sky’s awe-inspiring Moon Dome.

The journey into My Sky begins on Sep. 22 at the Bay Area Discovery Museum, where kids can chase their imaginations and explore more celestial flights of fancythrough Jan. 6, 2019.

Your kids will love it to the moon—and back.

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Hear What Other Parents Are Saying on Yelp:

“As the mom to an ever so curious four-year-old this place is educational and interactive and keeps him busy for hours on end.”
— Jenny M. (Santa Rosa, CA)
“The crafting room was perfect for my daughter. They have an area for calligraphy, kitchen area, dancing space, train room, outside bubble, hula loops and etc. If my kids were given the choice, they would have stayed here the whole day.”
— Ashi C. (Elk Grove, CA)
“My family had the best experience. My three-year-old had a blast! From playing with the water area, to painting walls, creating  princess crowns, running around the outside playground and playing with gigantic blocks. This place is perfect for toddlers. So much to do!”
— Sonia G. (San Jose, CA)