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Charity and the JAMband

charity-and-the-jambandYou’ve always noticed the little ones light up at the first sound of a tune, though they may not have fully honed in on their rhythm just yet. Let them shimmy, shake, twirl, jump, and laugh their way to discovering creativity and self-expression with fellow mother and musician, Charity, and the groovy JAMband. Born out of what started as a music-and-movement playgroup for friends, Charity and the JAMband has now grown into a flourishing collection of award-winning recorded music, live performances, camps, classes, and birthday parties. Metaphysically speaking, the name JAM stands for joy and music; the essence of each class experience.

Charity believes that the spirit and meaning of JAM is spending a little piece of each day connecting with your kids through a medium that encourages children to speak their truth, and be themselves. Quite frankly, we wouldn’t have it any other way! Her advice is to push the furniture to the walls, clear the floor, turn up the music, break out the scarves and rhythm sticks, and dance! At her wonderful new studio, JAMspace, located on Taraval St. in San Francisco, Charity offers parent/child music and movement classes for ages 0-4, and more advanced art, music, dance, and theater classes for ages 4-8.

Your child may love jammin’ with Charity so much that you might just have the location for celebrating their next birthday extravaganza! The Interactive Birthday JAM Concert at JAMspace includes JAMband CD Party Favors, 15% off a delicious pizza-party meal across the street at local family-favorite, Eagle Pizzeria, and a guaranteed good time that will rock their socks off.

Charity and the JAMband |415-425-0372