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Children’s Choice Pediatric Dental Care

Does your heart gallop when you hear that four out of five cavities in children occur in the back teeth where the light doesn’t shine? We could all agree that few things are more helpful to a healthy childhood than good dental care. Yes, teaching a kid to swim is a huge coup, but a cavity-free (or nearly cavity-free) mouth isDr Saladin and Children still our first victory, though occasionally hard won.

For those who have white-knuckled your way through a filling, you know what I’m talking about. Dr Jeffrey Saladin of Children’s Choice believes that “visiting the dentist doesn’t have to be a worrisome experience,” and puts this affirmation into practice by providing comforts like X-Box and PS3 games, hi-def movies, and chairs with movie screens.

The key to rinsing the worry out of the dentist visit is the staff at this practice. All pediatric dental specialists, they are specifically trained to work with infants, and children with significant medical, mental or physical disabilities. The dental assistants have multi-lingual skills and can communicate easily with Spanish-speakers.

Other perks of this practice include mercury-free fillings, digital x-rays, and ice cream and chocolate flavored “tooth-friendly” xylitol toothpaste (mmmmm). Be sure to take advantage of the referral program, “Patient Rewards” and free exam or x-ray coupons for new patients found on the web site at

Children’s Choice Pediatric Dental Care | (415) 692-0273


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