“At CuriOdyssey, kids are treated like the geniuses they are. They’re let loose to observe wild animals, experiment with scientific phenomena and let the natural world answer their questions. Because learning to think like a scientist early on gives kids the tools they’ll need to take on the real-world challenges of the future.

This serious science playground has plenty of interactive exhibits. Kids can play with wind, touch fog, make “illuminart”, and tinker with gears. They’ll meet the native species that reside in the zoo (they’re unfit to be released back into the wild), including otters, bobcats, birds in the aviary, and other California animals. Check in for otter and bobcat feedings, or check out the wildlife programs on the weekends.

CuriOdyssey is also a great place to consider for your next big birthday bash. They can host up to 100 guests in the Redwood Hall, or there are rooms  for smaller parties. There are year-round science classes for kids ages 3-14, camps in the summer and winter, not to mention that it’s also a surefire hit for the next school field trip.

Make a day of visiting Coyote Point Recreation Area, its playgrounds, and the crowning jewel, CuriOdyssey!”

1651 Coyote Point Dr.
San Mateo, Ca 94401
Phone: 650-432-7755
Online: curiodyssey.org
Facebook: facebook.com/CuriOdyssey
Twitter: twitter.com/CuriOdyssey1
Instagram: instagram.com/curiodyssey



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