“Recently, a nanny told me I made her dreams come true! It was one of the best compliments I have ever received from a Nanny. I normally get this sort of response from families about their pleasure with the ease of our search the immense joy with finding an exceptional childcare partner. It was a wonderful reminder of the impact Genuine Nannies has on families, children and Nannies alike. Our Nannies are thankful because they are able to live out their passion for working with children every day. This creates a win-win for busy parents.

We understand how Mommies and Daddies work hard in their day-to-day roles as superheroes and masters of their career and children’s universe. We also know how hard your children work in their very important role as bug collectors, play structure climbers, pick-and-make-a-wishers and nursery rhymers.

In celebration of our Ten Year anniversary, we salute our families and nannies who have made this such a spectacularly fabulous experience. You have made OUR dreams of helping families and nannies come true, TOO!”


-from Amy Osborn, Genuine Nannies
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