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Thanks to Genuine Nannies, hiring a sitter is no longer a worrisome process.  With your babe rapidly developing his or her unique personality, stress less and let Genuine Nannies connect you to your own Mary Poppins. They are the family/nanny matchmaking pros who make the nanny search a magical process.

Successfully matching families in the San Francisco Bay Area with wonderful nannies since 2007, Genuine Nannies understand the specifics of childcare. They customize the experience by getting to know you and your kiddos in your home. Flexible work schedule? Dietary concerns? High energy? No problem! Your nanny (who’s gone through a rigorous screening process) will be your missing puzzle piece who is specifically tailored to fit right into your family.

Communication is one of their top qualities. Select one or two nannies for a trial period before settling into a short or long-term relationship. Genuine Nannies makes sure to keep in touch throughout the process and beyond.  After all, the nanny bond is one that could last a lifetime. Whether you live in the East Bay, Marin, Peninsula or San Francisco, Genuine Nannies can help you find the Nanny of your dreams!


-from Amy Osborn, Genuine Nannies
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