“As “grown-ups”, we often forget how a child perceives their caregiver. We can be so worried about practical things that we overlook characteristics that are truly essential to our kiddos. Finding a nanny is a family affair and it is helpful to remember all of the “little” things are actually big things to the little ones that we love.

Recently, I was reminded of this when my 6 year-old client wrote me her very own Nanny checklist. This list was succinct and even had areas for check marks! To name a few items on her list: Happy, Plays with Us, Smart & Silly. This checklist was akin to the letter in Mary Poppins where the children wanted a Nanny with ‘rosy cheeks & a cheery disposition’.

While safety and proactive responsibility are essential for any of our Nannies, we also strive to find you the nanny of your children’s dreams as well. Contact Genuine Nannies today to check the boxes on the entire family’s Nanny Checklist!”

-from Adrianna Wilson
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