From teaching her the ABCs to encouraging her creativity, you are (and will always be) your child’s biggest champion.

Enroll your kiddo in a school that shares your vision. LePort Montessori does that, and so much more. Here’s why DC area parents are loving this private, traditional Montessori school:

  • LePort is different from other Montessori schools in its authenticity that permeates every area of their programs. This means from their Montessori-trained head teachers to Montessori materials in the classroom to their student-to-teacher ratios, everything about LePort is Montessori philosophy at its finest.
  • Choose from six locations in Fairfax and Loudoun Counties. LePort offers programs from infancy through sixth grade with Spanish or Mandarin immersion options at select schools.
  • Your kids will benefit from LePort’s unique program that balances the relationship between the classroom’s academically-challenging materials and the experiences your child has outside the classroom. They’ll acquire essential knowledge, thinking skills, and strength of character so they can flourish as happy children today and successful adults in the future.

Hear What Other Parents Are Saying:
“Our 2 year old started here in their toddler program and the difference from when he started has been really amazing. He’s much more self aware, has learned how to express his feelings to others and even picks up his toys at home before grabbing a new one to play with.”

— Nate L.
“We did not know much about Montessori before we enrolled here, but now we can’t imagine starting out a child’s life any other way. My son has become quite independent, and I love that the school reinforces self-direction, encourages play as a means to learn, and embraces all aspects of the child. A classmate came to our house to play last week, and I was surprised and delighted at what a civil, adult-like interaction pattern they displayed while they were playing imaginatively with the toys — encouraging each other, building on one another’s ideas, sharing and exchanging trucks, making very silly preschooler jokes… It was really quite a scene to behold, and I have no doubt that they picked up much of this behavior from their time at LePort (and the rest from Daniel Tiger). Ugga-mugga, LePort crew!”

— Bernadette D.