“Little Folkies Family Band Holiday Concerts
Noe Valley Ministry, Saturday Dec. 16th at 10:30am
Sweetwater Music Hall, Sunday Dec. 17th at 10:30am

Back by popular demand, The Little Folkies Family Band will be performing two very special bluegrass holiday concerts! Join us in concert at Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley and at Noe Valley Ministry in San Francisco as we spread some holiday cheer! Come hear the Little Folkies Family Band play your favorite Little Folkies children’s songs and a holiday tune or two with a full bluegrass band. The Little Folkies Family Band plays a repertoire of joyful and danceable tunes enjoyble for children & grown-ups alike.

The band lead by Little Folkies creator Irena Eide will feature all-star bluegrass musicians playing a mix of the Little Folkies originals by Irena Eide and a repertoire of unique and sweet old traditional folk songs for children.

Saturday, December 16th at Noe Valley Ministry
Sunday, December 17th at Sweetwater Music Hall

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Little Folkies
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