What’s the secret ingredient to a winning holiday card? The family photo of course. And before you set off trying to wrangle your unruly gang, balance your iPhone against a tree and fuss with those timer buttons (good luck!) let us present to you ten talented family photographers in the Bay Area. They guarantee a picture-perfect result, and there’s no risk of your phone getting accidentally washed into the Pacific (because who doesn’t want a dreamy beach photo??). Click through to learn a bit about them all and decide which style is right for your family.

Erica Taylor Photography

What sets you apart?

In my career as a professional photographer, I think I've encountered every space and lighting situation imaginable, and I've learned to be flexible and find the image I want to capture within it all. In addition to being a mom and a photographer, I'm also a prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher. Yoga helps me to be more in the moment with my families....oh, and don't be surprised if you see me in a crazy squat or practically eating dirt to get that perfect angle for your photos!

Tell us a little about what inspires you.

Since becoming a mom, I understand even more how precious the moments are and how quickly they change. Every day kids are growing, quirky facial expressions and mannerisms come into focus and then evolve into something else. I find it so inspiring to capture a bit of that family magic in time for people. If I am lucky, someone in 100 years will be looking at a picture I took saying 'that was great grandma, wasn't she beautiful?' How amazing of a gift it is to capture part of a family's history.

How do you connect with the families you shoot and make them comfortable in front of the camera?

I always ask my clients in advance which pictures are most important for me to capture. Then, while documenting those, I watch and wait for all the moments in between those moments. For me, that's when the magic really happens! A certain look, a quirky facial expression, the way a mom gazes down at her newborn baby, the laughter that ensues when a kid goes running off into the woods and we all follow. To me, that's what it is all about.

How has motherhood influenced your work?

My experience as a parent echoes what you often hear, that the time goes so quickly. Even with amazing cameras in our pockets, it's a challenge to decide when to be in the moment versus capture the moment. And getting that beautiful picture of your child (with you in the frame too!) is nearly impossible. I feel truly blessed to document beautiful moments for fellow parents, allowing them to relax and just interact with their family.

Find Erica here: www.ericataylorphotography.com

Photo by Erica Taylor.


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–Vanessa Wauchope