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San Francisco Waldorf School

San Francisco Waldorf SchoolSan Francisco Waldorf School’s inter-disciplinary, integrated curriculum fosters each child’s talents and strengths in a unique and caring way. At SFWS your child will be taught and will develop critical-thinking skills, emotional and social intelligence, and practical skills that will prepare them for high school, college and life. SFWS accepts students from nursery through high school. Healthy play in the early years is followed by artistic and academic learning in the lower and middle grades, preparing the high school student for serious academic thought and work. The sciences, arts, and humanities form the foundation out of which Waldorf education nourishes imagination, creativity, flexible thinking, and resiliency. Above all, San Francisco Waldorf School views each child as a unique human being of body, soul, and spirit and believes all these aspects must be nurtured in their education. The children are taught in the context of their own stage of development so as to not hold back or rush a child when it comes to their educational growth. Children should be encouraged, not pushed, to love learning; learning should be fun and exciting, developing true interest and passion in subject matter. Because students at SFWS feel confident, safe, and accepted for who they are, they thrive! Come check out an Open House, visit the Winter Fair, or call Enrollment Director Lori Grey at 415-931-2750 x. 302 to learn more about how your child can succeed at San Francisco Waldorf School.

San Francisco Waldorf School