Pumpkin spiced lattes are back in season and the kids are making leaf piles to jump in. Fall is in full swing and this year you want to rock your holiday photos worthy of a Pinterest pin. From beaches to bridges and everything in-between, we scouted the Bay Area’s most picturesque locations for your family photos. Flip through to see our hot spots for 2017!

Favorite Spot: Baker Beach, San Francisco

Why it’s Great: Baker Beach is the perfect San Francisco iconic backdrop for natives and tourists alike for holiday photos. The Golden Gate Bridge towers in the background surrounded by the ocean and clean sand. Also, there’s a few dirt trails to explore on your walk down to the beach. Bonus, after taking photos you can spend the rest of the day getting your feet wet in the freezing cold water.

Photo: Tarah Photography


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Where is your favorite spot to take a family photo? Let us know in the comments!

—Tarah Beaven & Erin Lem