“Soccerkiddos is a developmentally age appropriate program that introduces soccer to 18 month – 2 1/2 year olds in a fun, non-competitive, interactive manner. Soccerkiddos views all children as capable learners and through a Coach-Caregiver-Child partnership children will learn the basic skills of soccer (power shooting, stopping, dribbling, etc.) while having fun! Children will not only gain the knowledge and love for soccer, but will also increase their gross motor, cooperation, and verbal skills while playing imaginary games and singing songs that incorporate basic soccer skills.

Winter Registration opens on Nov 1st! 

Classes fill quickly so for those looking for popular class times, register early. The Winter Schedule can be found on the website at marinsoccerkiddos.com or directly through the link soccerkiddos.registernation.com.


Worried about the Weather? Don’t be! Our Winter Classes are backed-up by indoor.

Private Classes for your playgroup?

Private classes for playgroups or preschools can be arranged when time permits. Please contact Coach Sarah to inquire.”


-from Sarah Vigil, SoccerKiddos
Email: soccerkiddosmarin@gmail.com
Phone: 510-501-5546
Online: http://marinsoccerkiddos.com