It’s always exciting having grandparents in town for a visit. Maybe it’s the quality time they spend with you and the kids, the delicious home cooked meals, or having an extra pair of eyes/hands to help out (always a plus!). But in addition to all of that, having grams and gramps in town is also a really good excuse to get out of your typical routine with the kids and take advantage of everything the Bay Area has to offer. Here are 10 activities that are perfect for an all-ages group.


Photo credit: Charity Vargas Photography

1. Rain or shine, Presidio has an abundance of activities for all ages!

2. Explore the hidden parks and gardens of San Francisco, or the awesome parks down south (Magical Bridge Park, say what?!)!

3. Feeling nautical? Get out on the water and go kayaking.

4. Prefer to stay on land, but see some water? Head out for some hiking with waterfall views.

555 Mission St. Sculpture Garden

Photo credit: Garrick Ramirez

5. No trip is complete without a “Kodak moment” or two. Take a gander around town and get Nana a new cover photo for her Facebook account with some awesome Bay Area outdoor art.

6. Papa feeling a little healthy competition? Take him over to some good old fashioned bowling in a hip to dip bowling alley.

7. Need something indoors, that is also a crowd pleaser? Spend the day exploring the new SFMOMA.

8. Let Lola play dress up with the littles and go for a high tea at the SF Palace hotel.


Photo credit: Carol Shoaff via Flickr

9. Pop a wheely and get cruising on one of the Bay Areas family-friendly bike trails.

10. The Bay Areas never-too-hot and never-too-cold weather is perfect for chowing down at a restaurant with outdoor seating, oysters anyone?!

Have somewhere you love taking the grandparents when they’re in town? Tell us below!

–Jennifer Yco