We’re betting all that holiday cheer has resulted in a toy box hangover. While new toys are fawned over in the next few weeks, the old ones will get the cold shoulder. For parents distressed by all the waste—from money to materials—that go into this endless toy cycle, a like-minded Oakland parent has come up with a solution—dubbed Toy-Cycle—that promises to put a stop to the toy madness.


Suffering from Toy Tyranny?
Toy tyranny is what Oakland resident and mother of two, Rhonda Collins, has dubbed the constant clutter that more often than not, is part of any households with children. Piles of wooden blocks, plastic trinkets galore, heaps of stuffed animals, and never-shut-off musical gadgets equate to hours of valuable playtime for little ones. Conversely, toys can add up to costs, stress, and environment impact—all issues Collins plans on addressing with Toy-Cycle.Org.


How Toy-Cycle Works
Toy-Cycle works within a user’s local community and allows families to give, get, or exchange free used games and toys. When a user is ready to pass something on their child has outgrown (or has simply tired of), they post the offer online to their local group. Arrangements are made to pick up or exchange which should be easy given the fact the groups will remain relatively small, geographically speaking. So, no shipping, no packaging, no payments—sounds sustainable to us!

Indiegogo Campaign Live Now
Toy-Cycle.Org is currently in its campaigning stages with a goal to launch in April 2017. Click through to the campaign if you’d like to learn more or make a contribution. We’re in full support of this online community with the end goal of saving the environment, money, and parents’ sanity.

Online: toy-cycle.org

How do you combat toy tyranny? Let us know in the comments below!

Photos and video content courtesy of Toy-Cycle.Org