Impress your little ice cream lovers with this genuine soft cream treat. Their eyes will triple size when they get to hold their ‘taiyaki’, an oversized cone made out of pancake batter, shaped like a fish (symbol of good luck in Japanese culture). Taiyaki means ‘baked sea bream’ and it is the latest Bay Area trend when it comes to noshing soft-serve in style.

img_5864 Photo: S. Klensch                                                                                                            

No Chocolate and Vanilla Here
The soft cream comes in four flavors: tofu, matcha, black sesame and rose lychee. The cream is made out of 100% natural ingredients (2% milk), and is airy and
suave so tends to melt quicker than regular ice cream. But there is an easy fix: Just grab a seat at this spacious joint and fish [eat] on!  


Photo: S. Klensch

To Lure Your Catch It’s All About Timing
Uji makes only a limited amount of Taiyakis every day so getting your hands on one can be tricky, especially on the weekends. It takes whoopy 30 minutes to make one of these artsy fish cakes so no wonder there is a daily limit. Best chances to score one is by being there when Uji Time in Berkeley opens, at 3 p.m. on weekdays and at 1 p.m. on weekends.


Photo: Uji Dessert Time via FB

Dive Into Soft Cream And More
Top your Taiyaki with Matcha, Tofu, Black Sesame or Rose Lychee, which will soon be followed by the new seasonal Grape. These big fish are huge, so sharing is great idea. But you can also get a regular sized cone instead. Uji also makes shakes, parfaits, mochi bites and little Nutella-filled fish-shaped mini-cakes. Check out their other Japanese desserts.   


Photo: Uji Desserts

Family Friendly Space
No, you don’t have to fight your way out of this joint like it is so often the case at other popular ice cream spots. There is plenty of space and seating, plus a table with board games so you can play a round of checkers while enjoying your treat.

Uji Time Dessert
2575 Telegraph Avenue
Berkeley, Ca
Tel: 510-398-3624

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–Sabine Klensch