Pizza-making robots are hard at work at the Mountain View start-up, Zume Pizza. Sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie but that’s life here in the Bay Area. This new delivery-only company has lofty goals to revolutionize the pizza delivery business by bringing the freshest, local ingredients to your door in record time. We stopped by their Mountain View headquarters to see the robots in action. Read on to hear why you should cross your fingers that they will be delivering to your ‘hood in the near future.

Zume pizza mountain view ca

Only the Best
Good news for all you busy parents out there—pizza doesn’t have to be an unhealthy food option. At Zume, it all starts with the dough: a 48-hour rise is the key to making the Zume dough easier to digest than other commercially-made dough. Recently, a gluten-free option was added to the menu to accommodate special dietary restrictions.

“Farm to pizza” cuisine is the name of the game. Whenever possible, Zume uses locally-sourced ingredients like the vine-ripened, organically-grown tomatoes from Meridien, Ca that make up their sauce. That’s the mission at Zume—to deliver high quality food, fast. This is a no-brainer for parents on a busy night full of soccer practices and dance lessons.

zume pizza mountain view ca

Delivery Downloaded
Zume pizzas are ordered from their app. Download it and choose from options like the Mrs. B—provolone, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, house-made sausage, pepperoncini and basil. Adventurous eaters will enjoy the Lost Boys which comes topped with mozzarella, ricotta, arugula pesto and asparagus. Even the traditional cheese pizza, the O.G., is taken to another level with fresh oregano and basil added (you can also get it sans-green stuff by ordering the Cheazy-E, for the green-averse small people in your house).

The Sweet Corn Elote pizza is a seasonal addition to the menu and includes smoked mozzarella, ricotta, lime zest, roasted corn, fried shallots, orange bell peppers and pickled onions. All ingredients are non-GMO, with no chemicals or preservatives added. Parenting win!

zume pizza mountain view ca

Photo by Kate Loweth

Putting the Robots to Work
All that sounds great, but where do the robots come in? Marta and Bruno are the techie secret behind Zume. Marta is the sauce-spreading robot who can differentiate between pizzas that require light sauce and those with the full option. After Marta is done, a human employee places the toppings and your pizza continues down the conveyor belt to the end where Bruno, the next robot in the operation, lifts your pizza into one of the 850 degree ovens.

Right now, pizzas are fully baked at Zume headquarters and delivered to your doorstep but if all goes well, that will be changing in the near future. The plan is to par-bake pizzas in house and then transfer them to a delivery truck that will continue the baking process while out for delivery to your house. This will expand the Zume delivery area to more communities in the South Bay and Peninsula and bring more fresh, high-quality pizzas to families like you.

zume pizza mountain view ca

The Details
All of the pizzas are thin crust and 14 inches across. Delivery is free and no tipping is allowed. After you place your order via the app, Zume sends you the picture of your “Pielot” so you know who’s smiling face will be delivering dinner.

All pizzas arrive in specially-designed compostable pizza pods that allow for steam to escape so the crust remains crispy. Take the top off, place it under the bottom of the pod and you have your very own environmentally-friendly pizza pedestal.

Currently Zume only delivers to Mountain View and nearby so that fast delivery of hot pizzas can be guaranteed. You can sign up on the Zume app to be notified when pizza-baking trucks have received approval and Zume delivers to your area. Until then, head over to a Mountain View park and Zume will bring your hot pizza right to the playground.

Zume Pizza
Mountain View, Ca

What pizza will the robots make for you? Let us know below!

—Kate Loweth

All photos courtesy of Zume Pizza except where noted.