“Here at Sassy®, we’re on a mission to inspire the imagination of all infants; to encourage baby’s development through playful interactions. From tubby time to tummy time, from sitting to crawling and standing, we have taken a back-to-basics approach in our toy development to ensure each product has features that are ideally suited for baby’s emerging skills, through each stage of their early life.

When building the Sassy brand, we sought a balanced approach to form and design elements based upon the foundation of Early Childhood Development. These aspects of design are what separates Sassy products from all other baby products in the market. The Sassy brand is more than a series of “black and white stripes” or a “happy smiley face”. There is a harmony of elements, brought together in varying degrees, creating a sensory experience that will engage and stimulate baby’s senses!

Developmentally appropriate toys and open-ended play helps babies and young children learn to solve problems, be flexible, self-motivate, and most importantly, play…with purpose.”


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