“Little Partners’ Limited Edition Learning Tower is back in stock after quickly selling out at the holidays!  Like the Original Learning Tower, the Limited Edition Learning Tower is an adjustable-height kitchen platform that sits flush against countertops and islands to give kids a safe way to help in the kitchen. Featuring four removable sides, including one side with an activity board, the Limited Edition Learning Tower was developed by Little Partners to give parents added piece of mind when little ones are helping in the kitchen. Each side of the Limited Edition Learning Tower can be removed individually – giving parents the option to have young children fully enclosed or keep one or two side(s) open to give children easy access to their Learning Towers. Constructed with layers of poplar and birch, the Limited Edition Learning Tower is safe, stable, and built to grow with children from 18 months to 6 years. The Limited Edition Tower is available in Natural, Soft White and Earl Grey. RedTri readers SAVE $40 with the code RTLimited through July 31, 2017.”


-from Little Partners
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