“Join us for our January 20-21 or March 3-4 Mother-Daughter Weekend Workshop!

The workshop covers topics in female social-emotional development during the elementary years. The workshop is designed for moms and girls in the second-fifth grades. On Friday evening, moms gather to discuss typical female friendship development, as well as the stengths and challenges of their own daughters. On Saturday, moms and girls meet together for an active fun day of connection, activities, and learning. (And lots of snacks!) Saturdays topics include the role of the brain in social emotional development, feelings, emotional regulation, friendship, perspective taking, and unkind behavior.

The workshop offers moms a chance to connect with their own daugthers as well as see her interacting with other moms and girls her own age. Moms come away with a new way of thinking about effective ways to support their daughters navigate the social challenges of elementary school.

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