“Sponge is a leader in children’s language education providing Spanish, Mandarin, French, German, Hindi and Japanese at their centers as well as preschools and elementary schools in greater Seattle area. They recently got awarded from ParentMap Golden Geddy!

Focused on children from birth through elementary school, native speaking teachers creativity introduce language and cultures through music, dance, drama and activities. Sponge’s curriculum is also used in Mercer Island school district as part of their Spanish program.

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A recent University of Washington study shows that even babies from monolingual homes can develop bilingual abilities at an early age.

Now join Sponge from anywhere you have a computer and learn languages through our instructor-led Online Classes!

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Contact Email info@spongeschool.com or call 425.274.5188 for more information!”


-from Khawar & Heike, Sponge
3107 S. Day St.
Seattle, Wa 98144
Email: info@spongeschool.com
Phone: 206-227-7138
Online: spongeschool.com
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