“Don’t FALL behind on your kid’s dental check-up and cleanings! Kid’s cavities tend to grow quicker and bigger than cavities in adults. So, it’s super important for kids to get checked out at least every 6 months! October can bring about an increase in sugary snacks, especially with Halloween just around the corner. Although it might be ideal to give up candy altogeher, we know it’s not entirely possible! We do recommend enjoying candy, in moderation, and of course brushing/flossing afterwards. This year, we’re participating in the Treats for Troops Candy Buy-Back. Stop by our office, on Thursday, 11/02, from 3PM to 5PM, and we’ll give you $1 per pound of candy (max 5lbs per family). The candy will then be donated to our men and women, serving overseas!

Also, on Sunday, 10/29, from 2-5PM, stop by our booth, at the Nile Nightmares Haunted House for a free toothbrush and a chance to win a Kid’s Sonicare. October is our favorite month, at Tree House Dentistry for Kids, and we can’t wait to see all the fun costumes!”


-from Mike and Jane Austin, Tree House Dentistry for Kids
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