“It’s getting hot out there, and full days in the sun can be hardest on our little ones.  (Not to mention exhausting for us, too!)  Enjoy a FREE day of play, in a beautiful (air conditioned) facility.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the debut of our Fall Schedule.  You’ll want to bookmark our calendar!

As the leading indoor playspace, learning center, and private event space on Seattle’s Eastside, romp attracts families who value balance, year for something different than what’s out there – who realize we’re all in this parenting thing together.

Expanded class and workshop offerings include:  performing arts, martial arts, engineering, foreign language, creative writing, math, tinkering & making, and MORE!  All under one roof, catering to babies to 9 YO.

From art to tinkering & making, romp is THE place to play, learn, and celebrate.  

Email hello@romp-community.com or call (425) 748-4497 to receive your FREE Drop In Voucher.  “