French American School of Puget Sound

“You want your children to be well-rounded, and in tune with our global world, oui? You recognize the importance of bilingualism and its far-reaching benefits and you’re looking for a school that also values academic excellence, nurturing environments, and world perspectives. Caring and passionate teachers, an inviting campus, and a commitment to kids – this school has it all, plus a certain je ne sais quoi!

Check out the French American School of Puget Sound for the ultimate in accredited bilingual education.  Their Young Pre-Kindergarten (YPK) program introduces little ones as young as age three to bilingual education in French and English with developmentally appropriate activities and instruction. Upon the completion of Kindergarten, students are well-prepared to enter elementary school with the skills necessary for reading, written expression and mathematics in both French and English. The elementary school builds on this strong foundation and helps students strengthen their basic skills and become even more proficient and comfortable with both languages. By the time your young one reaches grade 5, he or she will be equipped with the skills and confidence they need for success in Middle School, where they will start a third language!

As it says on the FASPS website, “the advantages of a bilingual learning experience go well beyond the practical outcome of speaking two languages. Bilingualism encourages moral and ethical development by promoting the open consideration of different viewpoints and cultures. Students understand and respect the common humanity of our global community.” Discover the advantages of a school like FASPS and help your kids grow into responsible, thoughtful citizens of the world!”


000000483-kbcymjkaf1foc1iem5b-from French American School of Puget Sound
3795 E. Mercer Way
Mercer Island, Wa 98040
Online: fasps.org


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