Marshmallows are better when they’re roasted. Road trips are better when your kids are potty trained. And trampolines are better when they’re Springfree.

Springfree Trampoline is the brainchild of Dr. Keith Alexander, a father and mechanical engineer who was determined to design a safe trampoline for his kids. When it comes to trampolines, Dr. Alexander knew safety shouldn’t be an option. Here are a reasons Springfree’s trampolines are a no-brainer for any parent:

  • Trampolines are kid bait, and Springfree makes them worry-free for parents who love to see their kids spending more time outside and active.
  • No springs. No hard edges. A frame beneath the jumping surface. Now that’s smart engineering.
  • All Springfree Trampolines are built in their own facility where every component is rigorously tested to meet their exacting standards in innovation, safety and quality.

Visit the Springfree Issaquah store for free test jumps and to check out the newest tricks on the trampoline. If you can’t make it to the store, simply call the store or buy on Use the promo code REDTRI by 6/30/17 for an exclusive offer to receive a free ladder, delivery and installation (value of $398).

Springfree will make you jump, jump!<

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What Parents are Saying About Springfree:


“It has been the most awesome investment ever…it has served so many purposes. It has just been amazing.” 

— Julie Davis, Australia


“It’s exciting! They weren’t just inside around the television, they were outside having some fun getting exercise.”

— Thompson Family, Dallas