“Summer is here! Book your fun summer escape with Sponge! Let’s travel the world while building language skills in Summer Classes and Themed Camps. Native-Speaking instructors will guide kids on a fun learning adventure using crafts, music and drama to build language skills. Sing up for a FREE Trial!

Children who are exposed to a quality language program early in life are 70% more likely to become fluent than those who don’t begin until middle or high school. Studies have also found that they have higher math, verbal and SAT scores statistically.

Now you can explore and discover the world through language in the comfort of your home! Join us from anywhere with a computer and learn Spanish, Mandarin and Japanese through our instructor-led Online Classes!

Sponge is a leader in children’s language education providing classes at their centers, preschools and elementary schools. They also license their curriculum to Mercer Island School District as part of Spanish world language program.

What to learn more? Email info@spongeschool.com or call 425.274.5188!”


-from Sponge
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