You want to foster a love of music in your kid, but they won’t practice their instrument unless you turn into the wicked witch – which is having the opposite effect. Sound familiar? How does one encourage kids to practice their instrument? Bach to Rock Redmond has the following approach:

FIRSTLY, give students something they want to play. Bach to Rock has both classical and over 400 pop/rock gem covers rearranged to easy, medium and technically difficult versions so your kid will have access to something they want to learn to play that is at an appropriate skill level.

SECONDLY, make it social. Bach to Rock encourages kids to join a band. They don’t need to bring their own friends…they will make new ones!

THIRDLY, give performance opportunities. From cozy coffee shops to malls, Bach to Rock has a variety of safe performance opportunities.

Call, visit, or look up Bach to Rock Redmond online. It’s a new year. Try a new approach.



Bach to Rock Redmond
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