It’s the fear many parents face every evening. You know that moment when you realize, despite all best intentions, you have no earthly idea what you will make for dinner. And right then is when the kiddos start in with their questions: “What’s for dinner?”, “Do we have to eat that again?” Before you open that blue box with the powdered cheese for the fourth night in a row, check out the delicious and delightful food blogs of these Seattle moms who face the same daily battles and questions from their own kiddos.

Molly Wizenberg

Molly Wizenberg is the brains and the beauty behind Orangette, a food blog Molly started years before her little one arrived. But she says it wasn’t really the birth of her first child that changed her approach to food but the first Ballard-area restaurant she and her husband developed. Now balancing one kiddo, two restaurants, and a writing career, Molly is a big fan of keeping it simple.

Molly says her go-to recipe on those hectic days is one not found in a cookbook. “To be honest, there's no recipe! My go-to meal is eggs, either scrambled or fried. Eggs, plus whatever vegetable is in the fridge, roasted. For as much as I often enjoy big, complex flavors and crazy stuff that only professional kitchens could produce, I mostly like to eat simple food. Nothing beats a couple of good eggs scrambled in butter.”

Molly’s plan for feeding her kiddo includes keeping food a source of fun and a source of connection with others, “I hope it will be something that brings us together and something that we can share.”

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–Natalia Dotto

Photographs courtesy of Ashley Rodriguez, Kyle Johnson, Lena Hyde, Alice Currah, Alice Choi & Paola Thomas