It’s the fear many parents face every evening. You know that moment when you realize, despite all best intentions, you have no earthly idea what you will make for dinner. And right then is when the kiddos start in with their questions: “What’s for dinner?”, “Do we have to eat that again?” Before you open that blue box with the powdered cheese for the fourth night in a row, check out the delicious and delightful food blogs of these Seattle moms who face the same daily battles and questions from their own kiddos.

One To Watch: Paola Thomas

Anyone who calls themselves an "unrepentant foodie" is worthy of a mention here. British-born and currently making her home in Seattle, Paola Thomas, is a food photographer whose blog showcases “reflections on food, photography, design and life."

Growing up with an Italian mother shaped her love of fabulous food and now she develops and photographs a quarterly seasonal cake recipe for Edible Seattle. Check out her first installment, a Spiced Parsnip Cake with Bourbon Brown Butter Frosting. Yum!

As with any parent getting a kiddo to eat a well-balanced diet can be a hefty task… “Food is a very important part of our lives and my daughter Lulu participates in it fully – she eats the same food we eat every night, eats with us in restaurants, comes with us to farmers markets and has been cooking and baking with me since she was two. We’re lucky though in that she is a very adventurous and enthusiastic eater. We also impress upon her the importance of food choices – of eating five fruits or vegetables a day and not eating too much sugar. I’m not sure that last lesson has been fully absorbed though!"

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–Natalia Dotto

Photographs courtesy of Ashley Rodriguez, Kyle Johnson, Lena Hyde, Alice Currah, Alice Choi & Paola Thomas