It’s the fear many parents face every evening. You know that moment when you realize, despite all best intentions, you have no earthly idea what you will make for dinner. And right then is when the kiddos start in with their questions: “What’s for dinner?”, “Do we have to eat that again?” Before you open that blue box with the powdered cheese for the fourth night in a row, check out the delicious and delightful food blogs of these Seattle moms who face the same daily battles and questions from their own kiddos.

Ashley Rodriguez

Her blog is beautiful, her recipes sublime. Ashley Rodriguez is the mastermind and photographer behind the food blog “Not Without Salt.”

With three young kiddos of her own Ashley says she knows to prepare herself in advance for the whining that might come her way when her Littles don’t want to eat what she’s putting on the table for dinner. “I make dinner and that’s that. I don’t make them something else. If we are eating kale they are eating kale. Now, don’t get me wrong, most likely they won’t eat a lot of it but they know that if they don’t eat their dinner they will be quite hungry the rest of the night. I try not to make too many foods that I know they won’t love in a row. If we have a few nights of something quite foreign to them I’ll balance it with a night of pasta or soup and sandwiches." Ashley’s solution for the macaroni and cheese blues -- adding gruyere, chorizo or squash.

Besides beautiful food photography and hunger-inducing recipes, Ashley is currently writing a book called Dating My Husband based on a series of blog posts.

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–Natalia Dotto

Photographs courtesy of Ashley Rodriguez, Kyle Johnson, Lena Hyde, Alice Currah, Alice Choi & Paola Thomas