Bach to Rock Redmond makes learning music fun. After all, it’s called “Play” for a reason! Come and learn guitar, vocals, piano, drums, recording arts and more.

Our secret? We use tried and tested teaching methods combined with interesting and accessible repertoire that students love. Choose from classical or pop and rock like Adele, Foo Fighters, Imagine Dragons and other gems which we have re-arranged to easier, intermediate and technically advanced versions.

When a kid learns from us we make it easy for them to join a band and/or take part in frequent performances. Perhaps your child learnt an instrument in the past but needed a push from mom to practice? But what if he is now learning to strum that Coldplay song he loves from the radio? What if she is now in a band of her peers and getting ready to sing that classic Queen song? You’ll see a difference in motivation when your kid is learning with us.

We offer: LESSONS / School break CAMPS / and the best BIRTHDAY PARTIES in town


Bach to Rock Redmond
8451 164th Ave NE Ste 120
Redmond, Wa 98052
Phone: 206-880-1215