Sometimes it feels like you’re a walking dossier of your family’s report cards, bank statements and immunization records.

Now, it’s time to hand over the record book to someone else. Turn to MyIR, an online portal that organizes and aggregates all of your family’s immunization records. Here’s why you should sign up now:

  • MyIR’s eliminates the arduous task of tracking down your family’s immunization records. In fact, once you sign up, all of your family’s history is at your fingertips. This is extra convenient at the doctor’s office (or urgent care), registering for school or camp, tracking yearly immunizations like the flu shot, preparing for foreign travel, or seeing a new healthcare provider.
  • Registering is easy. Sign up online or at Rite Aid. The entire process requires only three steps.
  • Log into your MyIR account anywhere—from your phone at the doctor’s office or on your laptop while searching for summer camps.