“Sparkle Spot Learning has supported many children with academic and social challenges. This year, we are addding a focus on supporting PARENTS with parenting issues related to school, learning, mental health, technology, and behavior.

As a PCI certified parent coach,  I have guided many parents to a preferred future by listening and talking through parenting issues about family culture, school, learning, and behavior. I take great pleasure in listening, appreciating, and guiding parents using positive collaboration. I can help you focus on what is important to you and your family, talk through important choices, or live your life as the parent you wish to be.

Each month, Sparkle Spot Learning offers Mindful Monday Parenting Conversations. These small group sessions were developed for parents to participate in mindful, positive conversations around common parenting experiences. This year’s talks are a collection of topics focusing on purposeful thinking about parenting issues related to school and learning. Join us Monday, December 4 at 7:00 for an evening of ideas, collective inspiration, and parenting connection. Email sparklespotlearning@gmail.com to RSVP.”


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