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You know the signs. When brushing their hair becomes an epic battle or their eyes are only partially visible through a mess of overgrown bangs. It’s time for a haircut!  So where do you go to deshaggify your kiddo’s ‘do without resorting to fisticuffs or the dreaded bowl and scissors? Luckily, Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids has got the little ones and their grown-ups covered with awesome styles and good times.

Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids dishes out rockin’ hairstyles to the little ones and well-deserved chillax time for the grown-ups. At this larger-than-life salon you can expect the works. All regular haircuts include a complimentary wash, fun chairs, lollipops, balloons, and of course–lots of fun! Sharkey’s even makes the “first haircut” a special occasion with a certificate, photograph, and a mini manicure for girls.

Even the waiting room is fun at Sharkey’s. Play video games on the Playstation and Xbox or just relax and watch a movie. Feeling glamorous? Gals can get pampered in Sharkey’s Glamour Room and can even book a Glamour Party with their friends for their next birthday.

We love Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids because they make sure every child leaves with a smile and of course, a great haircut!

Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids - Seattle 
4609 14th Ave NW 
Seattle, Wa 98107 
Phone: 206-812-8850
Online: sharkeyscutsforkids.com/seattle-wa

Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids - Bellevue 
340 Bellevue Square Mall, 3rd Fl
Bellevue, WA 98004
Phone: 425-453-3446

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Sharkey's Cuts For Kids - Bellevue Facebook page!


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