Sparkle Spot Learning

Sparkle Spot Learning was established in 2011 with the mission of serving local children and families struggling in academic, social, or emotional learning. We serve children needing individual support in academics, along with offering mother-daughter workshops, social friendship groups, and academic summer learning camps.

Our philosophy focuses on the whole child; celebrating the stengths of each child, while building specific skills in areas that are challenging for that unique child. The Sparkle Spot Learning Way also honors parents and families and living systems with individual values, personalities, histories, and needs. It is our mission to help families find positive structures and systems while also being responsive to the uniqueness of each familiy situation.

At Sparkle Spot Learning, there is not one “right way” to do things. We are here to help families enjoy the journey of growing up. We are dedicated, creative teachers working to help children and parents find their strengths, sense-of-self, and joy in learning.


000002201-KQ7MfpTzbSBluTW2SGf-from Julie Hannan, Sparkle Spot Learning
5505 30th Ave NE
Seattle, Wa 98105
Email: sparklespotlearning@gmail.com
Phone: 206-271-6808
Online: sparklespotlearning.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Sparkle-Spot-Learning



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