The Best Stroller Routes in Seattle

The weather is starting to improve around Seattle and the days are getting longer, which means that it’s time to dust off the stroller and hit the pavement for some Vitamin-D and fresh air! Whether you’re looking for a place to take a stroll with your lightweight umbrella stroller, or trying to squeeze in a high-powered workout while pushing your little one in the jogger, check out these stroller-friendly routes and trails in Seattle.

For an untraditional place to get a work out in while keeping your child entertained, head to the zoo! Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo is an excellent place to get some exercise while pushing the stroller – in between visiting animals, do a couple good pushes up and down the huge hills around the African Savannah. The exhibits are widely spaced at Woodland Park, so take advantage of the nicely paved paths and run between exhibits. The zoo itself is over 90-acres, so you’ll get a workout pushing your stroller around Woodland Park whether you’re looking for one or not!

Not every kid loves the stroller and many will only tolerate it for short bursts of time – a great solution is the waterfront path at Lincoln Park in West Seattle. There is a long, paved trail that starts near the ferries, goes along the beach and then loops back around near the pool and back up to the playground. There are plenty of spots to let little ones explore, but the trail is nice and wide so that you can get them in and out of the stroller over and over again without being in the way of other walkers. Lincoln Park is also a great option for pushing a younger child in a stroller while an older child rides a scooter alongside!

If you’re looking for the perfect place to take your stroller for a cruise on the Eastside, the Kirkland Waterfront is undeniably the best. Perfect for any kind of stroller, the wide sidewalks are easy for stroller traffic and your tiny passengers will love stopping to play in the grass along the shores of Lake Washington or stopping for some ice cream in Downtown Kirkland on your way back to the car. Maybe they’ll fall asleep in the stroller by the time you get back and you can do a bit of window shopping while they doze! Don’t forget to pack sunscreen for little legs – there isn’t much shade along here on extra sunny days.

Taking your stroller along the Magnolia Bluff is not only a great way to get some exercise, but on a sunny Seattle day, you’ll also get treated to one of the most gorgeous views of the Sound and Downtown! There are a few different parking areas off of Magnolia Boulevard where you can get started or park in the Magnolia Village to add some distance to your stroll. Keep your eye out for the benches along the Boulevard where you can park the stroller and sit in the sun while your kiddo gets out to stretch his or her legs in the grass!

Whichever stroller route you prefer, get those tires pumped up with air, pack a snack for your little passenger and have some fun! Did we miss one of your favorite stroller paths? Let us know where you get rolling in the comments below!

– Katie Kavulla