Ever wonder how Arts Aloft began?  While looking around Seattle for art classes for our children, all we found were classes offering guided drawing lessons and some painting.  Creative problem solving and the process of art, not the product, were important to us but alas, there were no studios with this philosophy.  So why not open your own studio? So we did!  And in 2009 Arts Aloft opened its doors in the Madrona neighborhood in Seattle.  We offer kids the opportunity to create and problem solve using a variety of different mediums including, paint, clay, plaster, pencils and more.  Kids are encouraged to turn a ‘mistake’ into something beautiful.  Arts Aloft offers award winning camps, classes, workshops and birthday parties. Our Summer Camps are in full swing and are both fun and educational.  We use children’s literature as a theme for some of our camps like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. There is still room in our Percy Jackson and Minecraft camps. Check out our website for all of the info!


Arts Aloft
3302 E Spring St
Seattle, Wa 98122
Online: artsaloftforkids.com