Tree House Dentistry for Kids

“Tree House Dentistry for Kids is a new pediatric dental office, located in Shoreline. Our office is geared towards kids! The Kid’s Corner, at reception, has movies playing and is filled with unique books and toys. We proudly display members of our “No Cavity Club”, along with artwork from our patients.

We make dentistry less intimidating (dare we say, fun!) for kids (and for parents). Our ceiling-mounted TVs provide the “distraction” needed, to successfully complete treatment. Most of our patients don’t want to leave, when their treatment is done!

We understand that not every child can be treated the same way. Some patients may have unique needs, due to health restrictions or phobias. We’ll work with parents and kids, as a team, to come up with solutions to make dentistry, a non-traumatic experience. This could mean treatment with sedation, general anesthesia, or multiple “desensitizing” visits. We’re here to help!

Our motto, at Tree House Dentistry for Kids is “small teeth, BIG smiles”!

Dr. Mike is a Board-certified Pediatric Dentist and is dual-trained in Dental Anesthesiology. Dr. Jane’s background is in general dentistry, with hospital-based, accredited training in Dental Anesthesiology. For the doctors’ full bios, please visit our website at www.THsmiles.com.”


-from Mike and Jane Austin, Tree House Dentistry for Kids
20214 Ballinger Way NE
Shoreline, Wa 98155
Phone: 206-466-6250
Online: THsmiles.com
Facebook: facebook.com/TreeHouseDentistryforKids




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