Red Tricycle Reveals on Our Can’t-Live-Without Thanksgiving Recipes

To celebrate the season of sharing and giving thanks the Red Tricycle team revealed our favorite Thanksgiving recipes. Hear from Red Tricycle’s CEO, sales team, editors, marketing team and everyone who puts in countless hours to make Red Tricycle what it is today. Got a recipe to share? Drop us a line in the comment section below to share the Thanksgiving recipe love.

Jacqui, Founder & CEO
I’m totally addicted to mashed cauliflower, which is essentially just a vessel for transporting gravy to my mouth with fewer carbs/calories than mashed potatoes.

Charina, VP Advertising & Business Development:
As role models for our son, it was important for us to start adapting our eating habits into alternatives that are as healthy as they are tasty.  So in place of traditional stuffing, we replaced it with a harvest-themed quinoa salad that’s full of fiber, complete proteins and seasonal vegetables.  #healthyforholidays


Tuba, Marketing Director
I love making this sausage and kale Thanksgiving dressing. Instead of sausage I substitute spicy turkey.

Erin, Editorial Director
Did somebody say pie? I have a major sweet tooth, but have no patience, especially when it comes to laboring over pie crusts that always break. This recipe for skillet apple pie will satisfy any dessert-lover (including me!), plus, it’s very easy to make and basically uses only one big skillet so there’s little clean up. Enjoy!

Tina, Web Producer
I love to eat stuffing! After making the stuffing, I skip putting the stuffing into the turkey and eat it myself! I’ve used this recipe (adding and subtracting some ingredients) and it’s super delicious!

Meghan, LA Editor
My Grandma’s Cranberry Cherry Relish goes great with the stuffing! And consider yourselves lucky that I’m not contributing Great-Grandma’s Lime Jello Salad recipe.  She made it every Thanksgiving, but since she and I were the only ones who ever ate it, it hasn’t been at the family Thanksgiving table in about 20 years.

Phebe, Atlanta Editor
I am usually in charge of the apple pie. We bake this version in our fam using paper-thin apples sliced on a mandolin layered with butter and cinnamon. It is a labor of love we have made in our family for generations. It is named after Frank, my grandmother’s cook she had back in the 1950’s that was a beloved member of the family. We usually tell stories about him while we eat it.

Julie, New York Editor
My husband always makes Potato Puffs, which I think are amazing since I’ve never been a mashed potato fan. It’s his mom’s recipe below that is sort of similar to this one here.

Kristina, Seattle Editor
Every year, I make cream cheese sugar cookies in the shape of turkeys and let my kiddos do the decorating (the day beforeThanksgiving). I always double the recipe and use 1 (8 oz) package of cream cheese. I also use store-bought vanilla or buttercream frosting.

Jack Decorating Cookies 3

Amber, San Francisco Editor
I vary this basic stuffing recipe from Martha Stewart by subbing 1 part mushroom and 1 part vegetable broth for the chicken broth and bake it on the side (not in the turkey) to make it vegetarian-friendly. I also add lady apples, whole. The kids love the tiny apples nestled in among the stuffing!

Leah, San Diego Editor
When I started making my Thanksgiving stuffing in the crockpot, I decided to never go back to stuffing a bird or baking it in a casserole dish. I love being able to throw everything in the crockpot and save the oven and stovetop burners for other items. Plus the stuffing has so much more flavor because it’s been slow-cooking all day.

Ayren, DC Editor
My Thanksgiving “thing” is this Broccoli Bread. I know, it doesn’t sound too appealing, but—I promise—it just might be the most moist, savory bread you’ll ever have. I make it instead of cornbread or stuffing. To get kids on board, I just tell them it’s “Super Bread,” and they gobble it up.

Suzie, Portland Editor
Before our daughter came along, my husband and I started the tradition of hosting the Stray Dog Thanksgiving every year, inviting all of our friends who lived far away from their families. I cooked the turkey and gravy and friends brought sides and desserts. For 10 years, I have used my mom’s handed-down turkey recipe and it has always received rave reviews because the turkey turns out so moist, with a hint of sweetness. Unfortunately, you cannot make gravy from the drippings, so in addition to my mom’s turkey recipe, I’m also sharing a super easy gravy recipe that you can make while the turkey is roasting. Enjoy!

Francie, Account Manager
At Thanksgiving I always offer to make a green vegetable to balance out all the carbs that everyone else makes. These Barefoot Contessa brussels sprouts are a huge hit. The balsamic and pancetta combo is amazing! We get the big stalk of brussels sprouts (Trader Joe’s sells them) because my kids think it’s fun to snap them off and help me cook them. They are even willing to try them because of the bacon.

Laura, Account Director
I found this delicious sweet potato recipe a couple years ago just before it was announced that Jose Garces had won the next Iron Chef. The spiced pecans are so good you could serve them as a snack! Also-easy to leave the nuts off for those with allergies or aversion to spice. Sweet Potato Gratin with Chile Spiced Pecans. Loove pouring over new recipes for Thanksgiving.

Tracy, Account Manager
I’m not sure which I like more — the Thanksgiving Day meal or the Turkey Sandwiches the next day! Simple, but so yummy these Turkey Sandwiches are the best!

Julie, Account Director
My husband is the main cook in our family but this is my one contribution to Thanksgiving dinner and it’s a big crowd pleaser! The chestnuts are kind of labor intensive but the reward is worth it. We serve this “fancy stuffing”, as my daughter calls it, in addition to the good old traditional kind.

Jessica, Account Director
I started making dried cranberry, apricot and fig stuffing a few years ago after seeing it in Bon Appétit. I’m a collector of their thanksgiving editions. I had my soon to be mother-in-law coming into town (who is a great cook) for turkey day, and wanted to impress her with a fancy stuffing dish. She was raving about it for days!!

Let us know what you plan to make this Thanksgiving in the comment section below! And, a very Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Red Tricycle!