Kids need to nosh, but what’s a grown-up to do when the fruit bowl just doesn’t cut it anymore? Here’s the answer—stock up on nutrient-rich packaged snacks (Yes, they DO exist!). We swarmed the snack aisle and discovered 13 new products that not only taste great but are filled with healthy stuff like fiber, vitamins, superfoods and more. Scroll down to find your new favorite way to quickly solve a bad case of the afternoon hangries.

1. Cheesy Bunny Bites
Leave it to healthy snack-master Annie’s to introduce a better version of those cheesy puffs your kid needs to have for lunch every day. Certified organic, the white cheddar bunny tail puffs and cheddar cheesy puffs are gluten free and made without any artificial stuff or synthetic colors. They are baked, not fried, are filled with whole grains and real cheese and still manage to leave cheesy dust all over little fingers. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Available at, $3.89 for 4.3oz.

2. No Bad Stuff
New from RXBAR is RXBAR Kids. Made with the same simple ingredients (eggs and nuts are included) as the original, the smaller size of these new bars is perfect for backpacks, on-the-go snacking, or anytime your kid needs to refuel. Plus, there are three kid-friendly flavors to choose from—berry blast, chocolate chip and apple cinnamon raisin—and each serving has 7oz of protein!

Available at, $5.99 for 5 bars.

3. Say Oui
The brand-new Oui yogurt from Yoplait is a French-style yogurt—thick and subtly sweet. With nothing but simple, pure ingredients, each 5oz glass pot of real non-GMO whole milk and fruit sits for eight hours (for the perfect culturing process) before being packaged up. There are eight new flavors to try, and we are super excited for the blueberry, peach and lemon flavors, for starters.

Available at Walmart stores nationwide, $1.34 for 5oz.

4. Super Snack
Talk about a double dose of superfood! These new chia-coconut bites from Bare Snacks are filled with all kinds of stuff that’ll kick a dose of the hangries to the curb. Made with just five ingredients—three of which are filled with protein—a handful of these will boost your little one’s afternoon energy level. They are gluten free, with no added oil or preservatives and come in three flavors: chia + flax, chia + vanilla and chia + pineapple.

Available at, $27.21 for 6 packs.

5. Protein Power Pack
If you’re looking for some real on-the-go, long-lasting energy, the new snack packs from Hormel Natural Choice have up to 10 grams of protein per serving! There are four individual packaged snacks and come in different combos like smoked turkey with pepper jack cheese and dark chocolate-covered blueberries to oven-roasted chicken breast with mild white cheddar and dark chocolate-covered pretzels. The only nitrates are those that occur naturally and there are no artificial flavors.

Available at Target stores nationwide, check for individual price.

6. Little Sprout
These snack bars from Soul Sprout are made of all sprouted nuts and seeds, which means all the nutrients your little one gobbles up will be absorbed into their bloodstream (hello energy!) with ease. There’s also plenty of antioxidants, too, when you nosh on bars that include goji berries, blueberries, and cranberries thrown in for good measure. Each one is organic, gluten, soy and dairy free, vegan and Kosher. 

Available at, $22 – $25 for 12 bars.  7. Perfect Plantains
Plantain chips are all the rage, and the ones from Samai don’t disappoint. Plantains have lots of potassium, vitamin C, A, and fiber, and the salty taste and crunch of these chips make a perfect addition to lunch or make a good after-school snack, with something else—like a nut butter!

Available at, $28.96 for 15 packs.

8. Just Good Stuff
We love the fact that it doesn’t take much to make a Junkless granola bar from start to finish. Made from less than eight ingredients (yummy stuff like strawberries, whole oats, rice crisp and cane sugar) you’ll find no artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils. There are four different flavors: new Cinnamon Roll, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip, and 100% Real Strawberries. Yum!

Available at, $5.99 for 6 bars.9. Basic Beans
It’s all about simple stuff when it comes to the new bean crisps from Our Little Rebellion. Made with just four ingredients (pea blend, corn, sunflower oil and sea salt) this is a healthy option for on-the-go snack sessions. They are never fried, vegan and gluten free.

Available at, $27.28 for 12 6oz packs.10. So Many Pastabilities
These pasta chips are oven baked, made with real semolina flour, have full flavor and a satisfying crunch. Even better? They have 60% less fat than regular potato chips. Grab a pack of the newest flavor—roasted tomato & red pepper—add a Greek yogurt dip or hummus, and just like that—you’ve got a different take on lunch or an after-school snack.

Available at, $5.99 for 5oz.

11. Peas Please
Created by a mom who was looking for wholesome snacks for her kiddo, the crunchy baked peas from Peeled are made with two main organic ingredients (peas and brown rice), offer 1/2 a cup of veggies in every serving, and come in tasty flavors like white cheddar, garden herb and basic sea salt. Did we mention there’s also five grams of protein in every serving?

Bonus: If you’re looking for a healthy sweet treat, check out Peeled’s organic dried fruit combos here!

Available at, $31 – $34 for 12 packs.

12. Great Grains
Add the new ancient sprouted grains (including amaranth, quinoa, and sorghum) crispbread snacks from Primizie to a tasty dip and you’ve got the perfect after-school snack. Crunchy and nutty, each serving offers an extra boost of goodness from ingredients like flax, caraway, sea salt and whole oats.

Available at, $47.40 for 12 5oz bags.

13. Just Nuts
When it comes to simple energy-boosting snacks that are easy to chow while on-the-go, it doesn’t get better than Crazy Richards single serve peanut butter. Made with just peanuts—no salt, no oil, no nothing—each packet offers up eight grams of protein. It’s also gluten-free, Non-GMO verified, kosher and organic. Just plain good.

Available at, $9.98 for 8 packs.


What’s your kid’s favorite after-school snack? Tell us in the comments section below. 

— Gabby Cullen & Ayren Jackson-Cannady