“**Winner of Red Tricycle’s 2016 Totally Awesome Award for “Snappy Snack Bags”!**

Every day, 20 MILLION plastic bags are thrown away in public schools alone. When mom-of-four Kirsten Quigley learned of this statistic from her kids, she knew she had to help make a difference, and so LunchSkins reusable bags by 3greenmoms came to be. In a world saturated with plastic, LunchSkins are the easy, green, and stylish solution to everyday food waste. Eco-friendly, dishwasher-safe, 100% food-safe, and 100% toxin-free, LunchSkins are the perfect addition to any family’s kitchen, mom’s purse, or child’s backpack. Available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, prints, and colors, LunchSkins reusable bags are perfect for packing lunches, snacking on-the-go, toiletries, storing produce, and more. New for 2017: #LunchSkins2017 (coming March 1st) marks a return to the brand’s roots with nature and modern motifs like bears, fruits, sailboats, and bicycles, and earth tones guaranteed to make a statement. Visit www.3greenmoms.com to order online.”


Online: 3greenmoms.com