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“We believe that the practice of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is seen as a means to individual development and personal growth. Strength, self-awareness, respect, discipline and responsibility are common core values taught within our kid’s program. The program is structured to teach technique through functional games aimed to improve your child’s agility and flexibility in a fun, friendly and interactive manner.

At ATOS Jiu Jitsu San Diego Academy we provide a safe, clean, and fun environment for people of all ages and skill levels.

We take pride in the knowledgeable, dedicated, and decorated instructors that were hand selected to be here to help you accomplish your goals. The depth of knowledge amassed by our instructors in competitive application will be a great advantage to anyone serious about learning the sport.

We proudly offer world renowned instruction in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and submission grappling. We have classes in women’s Jiu-Jitsu, cardio and self-defense, and a children’s martial arts program. You will get to train in one of best and most professional Jiu-Jitsu facility in San Diego, and gain a first-hand experience of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training available at ATOS Jiu-Jitsu.”


-from Andre Galvao, Atos Jiu Jitsu HQ
4810 Mercury St.
San Diego, Ca 92111
Email: staff@atosjiujitsuhq.com
Phone: 858-292-5040
Online: atosjiujitsuhq.com
Facebook: facebook.com/atosjitjitsuhq
Twitter: twitter.com/AtosJiuJitsuHQ
Instagram: instagram.com/atosjiujitsuhq



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