Ready to tire out your energizer bunnies or recharge your own batteries? Take a hike! With spring in full bloom, trails are beautifully lined with wildflowers and summer heat won’t wear you out too fast. Whether you’re partial to ocean views, mountainscapes or waterfalls, we’ve found 11 amazing, kid-friendly hiking excursions around the county that will make you want to lace up those boots and hit the trail. Click through our slideshow to plan your next adventure in the great outdoors.

Navajo Canyon Open Space Adobe Falls Hiking Trail

At about two-and-a-half miles roundtrip, this leisurely hike is one of 18 open space areas in San Diego, completely free of development. It is well-maintained with small wildlife and a nice, big oak tree where kids can scrounge for acorns. Keep an eye out for poison oak.

6801 Easton Ct.
San Diego, Ca 92120

Photo: Joseph Y. via Yelp

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–– Cherie Gough