“We are essentially doctor house calls on demand.   We have amazing doctors (some Harvard & Stanford trained) who get to spend the amount of time they need with each patient.   We provide amazing quality of care, and we take most PPO insurance so it’s your normal co-pay.  If you don’t have insurance, it is $99 – which is cheaper than most urgent care facilities.   We can do anything your Primary Care physician can do. We hand-pick the best licensed, background-checked Pediatricians, Internists and Family Practice physicians to care to your children and family.

We believe:

  • Concierge medicine shouldn’t have to come at a premium
  • A sick person should not to have to leave the house.
  • Quality healthcare should be accessible to all
  • Happy doctors deliver the best care
  • The patient and doctor relationship single-handedly improves outcomes”

000003312-kay-vfcfel-k-hfvq6u-from Renee Dua, Heal
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