By the time your kid reaches elementary school age, you’re a whiz at the school application process. But, imagine only having to search for the right school once. Cue: happy dance.

Meet Guidepost Montessori, the new school that will put an end to your endless tours and searches. The multi-faceted school, which welcomes babies (starting at six-months old) through grade six, has something for every age and stage. Find out why it gets high marks in our book:

  • The Montessori method of education permeates every classroom from infancy through elementary school. Their curriculum aims to foster independence, while understanding that every child’s progress is different. This means that your kiddo’s individual development needs are always supported.
  • Guidepost’s Nido community is for the smallest babes six weeks through 16 months. Here your littles will feel well loved and supported so they can flourish and grow. After Nido, your littles step up to their Toddler program (ages 18 months to three years old) where your tot’s language, gross motor skills and independence are nurtured.
  • For three through six-year-olds, Children’s House classrooms is where the fun takes place. Here, children direct their own activity, building confidence and social skills. The older kids in each environment set the example for and step into leadership roles with the younger kids.
  • Once your kids have gained a solid foundation in each of the school’s lower levels, they head to the Elementary Community (for kids six-12 years old). Here, they’ll propel forward into life using and building upon the skills and knowledge they’ve gained so far.
  • Graduates from Guidepost emerge confident, capable and ready take their knowledge out into the world.

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Hear What Other Parents Are Saying:

“I can’t say enough about how positive my kids’ experience has been: the classroom is absolutely beautiful — bright, spacious, with tons of books and learning materials. The teachers are so warm and attentive. They individualize the curriculum for each child and are really active in communicating with me about their progress. Academics are combined with great practical learning opportunities, like cooking and caring for plants and pets. The other children are the kind of classmates you want — kind, sweet, positive. It’s a really magical experience. Highly recommend!” — Lindsay J. Guidepost Montessori Mom

“My 2 year old started Guidepost Montessori with Ms. Beth in March and we love it. It’s a true Montessori with AMI certified teachers. The staff like Joel and Jasmine are attentive and friendly. They keep the parents connected with their children and the teacher through the Transparent Classroom website. They even offer hot lunch program. We couldn’t have been happier.” — Hanna G. Guidepost Montessori Mom