You’re seeking vetted, kid-care pros and an easy way to get your needs scheduled.  College Sitters is your answer. We are a care company with an easy tech solution to book your sitter, 24/7. We’re not just a website. We’re a local service that guarantees you’ll have a sitter whenever you need one. Period. So say yes to whatever comes up.

We’re Professional. There are sitters, and then there are College Sitters. Ours truly stand out from the crowd. And when you get down to it, shouldn’t the person taking care of your children be exceptional.

We’re accountable. We take a personal interest in you to find the sitter help that’s right for your family. We don’t just book and disappear. Our Team works before, during and after to assess performance and make adjustments and improvements when needed.

We’re flexible.  Our mobile APP – My Sitters™ is here to transform how you schedule a sitter. Whenever you need us, for whatever reason, scheduling is fast, easy & convenient.


College Nannies + Sitters
Phone: Serving all areas in San Diego and North County
858-201-4900 Del Mar
858-668-5466 Poway