3 Local U-Pick Strawberry Farms We’re Sweet On

The only thing we love more than restaurants that are BYOB, are farms that are PYOB, as in “pick your own berries”, of course. With strawberry season officially upon us, it’s time to head out to a local strawberry field to pick your own. Here are our fave spots to score strawberry goodness close to home.

Carlsbad Strawberry Company
Carlsbad Strawberry Company is probably the largest and oldest u-pick farm in San Diego county and the berries are undoubtedly some of the best around. Located just east of the 5 freeway off of the cannon exit, you’ve probably driven by this field many times. It will cost you $10 for a small basket and $20 for the larger size. Eating while picking is encouraged, so you are certain to get your money’s worth. They even give you some water to rinse off the berries before popping them down the hatch. There’s truly nothing tastier than a berry right off the vine.


Corner of Cannon Road and Paseo Del Norte
Online: carlsbadstrawberrycompany.com

Good to know:  If you’re in  the mood for freshly picked strawberries but don’t feel like picking them yourself, Carlsbad Strawberry Company has stands at multiple locations. Click here for details. 

Kenny’s Strawberry Farm
With the motto we ‘grow-em and you pick-em’ Kenny’s Strawberry Farm in Temecula is nothing if not a u-pick farm. All strawberries at Kenny’s Farm are grown hydroponically. Yup, that means they’re grown above ground, so there’s no need to worry about mud or dirt. The paths of the field are even stroller friendly! If you’re interested in learning more about the all the reasons hydroponic growing is good for the environment and healthier for you and your family you can take a 20 minute guided tour at the farm. Once you complete the tour your kiddo gets a signed accomplishment certificate signed by farmer Kenny himself. Who knows, if Kenny is at the farm you might even be able to squeeze in a selfie with him.


photo credit: Temecula Valley Strawberry Farms

Good to know: Tours are totally free, the only thing you pay for at Kenny’s is the strawberries you pick. Also, the farm isn’t officially opened yet so be sure to call ahead before making the trek to Fallbrook.

5452 5th Street
Fallbrook, Ca
Online: temeculavalleystrawberryfarms.com

Tanaka Farms
This vast farm located in Orange County is the place to go if you want to make a day out of strawberry picking. You and your family can jump aboard a wagon for a guided tour around the farm before you even set foot in the fields. The kiddos are sure to love seeing all the fruits and veggies along the way and the lesson on farming makes getting to pick your own strawberries that much sweeter. After the tour the kids can fill a 1 lb basket of berries to take home.

Tanaka Farms 2

Good to know: No sandals, flip-flops or heels allowed. Weekend tours leave every half hour from 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., and last from 45 minutes to 75 minutes. And, don’t forget sunscreen and water, it gets hot in the fields!

5380 University Drive, Irvine
Online: tanakafarms.com
Cost: $17 per person (kids under 2 are free)

For more tips on picking your own strawberries and recipes for what to do with those little beauties once you get them home, check out pickyourown.org. And, always remember to call the farms before you visit to make sure they are open.

Let us know what farm you’ve been to u-pick strawberries. Got any tips or advice to share with your fellow readers?

— Aimee Della Bitta