Rios Music Project

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“Rios Music Project is a music school in North County that teaches young girls and boys to play multiple instruments at a time, write their own music and to perform as bands in the community. We teach creativity through songwriting and we stimulate artistic growth by encouraging our students to learn more than one instrument at a time. The studio offers lessons in piano, voice, drums, bass, guitar, mandolin, ukulele, cello, and violin.

In a typical one hour lesson students rotate through the studio and are given instruction on three areas that interest them. The teachers at RIOS are uniquely qualified to teach more than one area, and can help the students understand the overlaping characteristics of each musical element. Theory and technique are taught through this process, and are applicable to the individual goals of each student.

During the summer, we offer summer camps with a Surf Rock theme. Kids have morning music jam sessions, followed by surf instruction at the local beaches. In addition to being super fun, lessons, bands and camps build social skills, listening skills and confidence. Rios Music Project is a safe place for kids to express themselves creatively, and to love learning music!”


000002574-kump3ktap-c9gbs7psw-from Julie Chambers, Rios Music Project
6828 Embarcadero Lane
Carlsbad, Ca 90211
Phone: 805-300-2037
Online: riosmusicproject.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Rios-Music-Project
Twitter: twitter.com/Rios_Music_SD
Instagram: instagram.com/rios_music_project
Pinterest: pinterest.com/riosmusic_sd