Middle schoolers can get hands-on STEM experience with SeaPerch robotics! Students use engineering and science concepts to build underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). After cutting and assembling materials, soldering circuit boards and wiring motors, students test their ROVs for buoyancy and maneuverability. Once the ROVs are ready, the real fun begins.

During competitions, students test their vehicles, navigate an obstacle course and compete in specific challenges. Teams also present their understanding of engineering principles and design concepts through an Engineering Notebook.

This year’s exciting SeaPerch competition includes a rescue-recovery challenge inspired by the recent Thailand soccer team cave rescue: ROVs must successfully enter the course and set a beacon light, descend through an underwater vault, deliver supplies to a specified  location on the course, and recover items from the course to a safety area.

SeaPerch is one of many middle school clubs offered by Carlsbad’s Pacific Ridge School. Currently building their ROVs, students cannot wait to compete!

For more information about Pacific Ridge School or to register for our December 1 Open House, visit pacificridge.org.


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