Is your tiny tot ready to bust down those baby gates and venture to a play space beyond your living room floor? We’ve rounded-up 10 kid and mom-approved indoor playgrounds that are developmentally appropriate and designed to give infants and tots their own space to learn, engage and have a ball… or an entire ball pit. Click through our slideshow to discover you and your sidekick’s new favorite hangout.


Photo: Abel A.

Crawlers and new walkers can claim the corner lot of this Lakeside play spot. A ball pit, small blue slide and soft crawl-on toys are encased by a perimeter of soft foam blocks. The space is so cool that they'll unlikely feel the need to crawl off and see what else is out there. While FUNbelievable appeals to those 12 & under, the older set are thoroughly entertained by the neighboring play structure that includes taller slides and mazes. Your infant needs $6 for entrance and your older ones will require $12.

11655 Riverside Dr., Suites 155-157
Lakeside, Ca

Where do you take your babies and tiny tots to play indoors? Let us know in the comments.

–– Jeannette Swanson